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Immerse Worship Camp is a live event held in July at Continental Theological Seminary in Brussels. However, due to the uncertainties surrounding COVID-19, this year we are offering Immerse as a virtual experience rather than a live event.

The July 1-3, 2020 virtual experience consists of two parts:

Each evening, our live zoom program will follow this schedule:
19:00 … Welcome
19:10 … Worship
19:15 … Team Dynamics
19:45 … Workshops: Band/Vocals/Sound
20:30 … Worship
20:40 … Message of Encouragement on ‘The Blessing’
21:25 … Closing Song
21:30 … Adjourn

The breakout sessions will be posted during the day on Thursday, July 2 and Friday, July 3. They will remain available for you to view after the event should you be unable to watch during the day due to work schedules, childcare responsibilities, etc.

Note: All teachings will be in English with French translation with the exception of the ‘Worship Songwriting’ breakout, which will be taught in three different sessions in English, French and Dutch.

Breakout topics are:

The Pastoral Heart of Leading Worship: Shepherding People, Not Just Singing Songs
Teacher: Keith Radke

When Talent is Worthless: Attitudes that Disqualify Exceptional Musicians & Vocalists
Teacher: Keith Radke

Fasting: The Worship Leader’s Secret Weapon (Part 1 & 2)
Teacher: Bryan Grisham

The Worshipping Artist
Teacher: Dr. Jim Mills

Leading Worship When You Don’t Feel Like It
Teacher: Jordan & Holly Robbins and Angela Greenwood

Beyond the Platform: Team Dynamics, Organization & Admin
Teachers: Holly Robbins & Angela Greenwood

Momming & Ministry
Teacher: Laetitia Taubeneck

Creative Worship Strategies
Teacher:  Sue Gregory

Moonflower Miracle: Turning Mourning into Dancing
Teacher: Deby Dearman

Discipling Your Worship Team
Teacher: Jim Young

Gearing Up on a Budget (for drummers and guitarists)
Teachers: Jordan Robbins & Scott Graves

Creative Strategies to Get Out of a Musical Rut
Teacher: Matt Swanton

Worship Songwriting
English: People & Songs
French: Allyster Taubeneck
Dutch: Bram Slootsman

Registration is open through June 29.

The ticket cost per person is €15 + a small service fee through Eventbrite

To register, click here.

If you have any questions, please email Jeff at: [email protected]


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