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Contemplatio: An Ocean Journey

image1By Bryan Grisham…About two years ago, the Holy Spirit began to tell me that a big change was coming in my life and ministry. It was just a sense at first, with not much refinement or structure. Over time, important things evolved which brought clarity and certainty, and which resulted in me stepping down from a church where I had served 18 years.

It’s not uncommon for someone to resign from a job, even a job where they may have been for a long time. But it is unusual to walk away when there is no guarantee of a new job. Ultimately, my journey led me to Word of God Ministries (in Shreveport, Louisiana, USA), which is another story for another day. But for now, I want to focus the first part of this awesome journey.

Ocean Wading
Music has been a major component in my life and ministry from the very start. God has always used songs to provide guidance, comfort, encouragement, and sometimes conviction. But of all the changes I’ve navigated, a re-direction of this magnitude at my stage in life took a very special song. It was ‘Oceans’ by Hillsong.

I’m sure you know it, but if not, it’s definitely worth $1.29 on iTunes, or at the very least, 5 minutes on YouTube. I urge you to print out the lyrics and read along as you listen. I’m quite certain you will resonate with the level of faith that is expressed; a level requiring you to wade out deeper than before, far beyond your comfort zone.

Here are a few phrases from the lyric of the song, and some questions you might ask yourself as a quick test of your faith.

‘You call me out upon the water, the great unknown where feet may fail’
Q: Will your faith let you step where you’ve never stepped before, knowing that you might stumble or fall?

‘Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders’
Q: Will you trust God with a level of faith that goes beyond your ability to control things? In other words, will you get on the tightrope with just God and no safety net?

‘Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander’
Q: Will you follow God to a spiritual place so rich that you can’t get there physically? In other words, will you go beyond token devotion and dive into total surrender?

Resting in His Embrace
These are all questions that tested me during my season of transition. I would love to tell you I scored 100%, but you know that would not be true. But I can tell you that I have proven the lyrics of this song to be true in my life. Especially the line that reads, ‘My soul will rest in Your embrace, for I am Yours, and You are mine.’

Praying that God will blow your mind as you step out on the water’

By Bryan Grisham //

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