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Eight Reasons Why Christians Should Paint, Dance, Quilt, Act, Compose Music, Write Stories, Decorate Cookies and Participate in the Arts

For many years, I’ve felt that worship is more than a song, more than music and certainly more than a Sunday service.

Worship is many things but I believe it brings special joy to the heart of God when we create something. After all, the creator of the earth you’re standing on right now and the eyes that you’re using to read these words put His creativity in You! Isn’t that amazing? He gifted us with creativity and wants us to use it for His glory!

Below is a link to an article by Mark Altrogge which lists eight reasons why Christians should create. Whether your gift is to paint, dance, sing, write, act – or even bake the best cookies you can possibly make – God enjoys seeing you use the gifts He gave you to bring honor and glory to him.

Click this link and find out why you should make His praise glorious with your creative talents, skills and abilities!

Mark Altrogge has written many great worship songs, including the classic, ‘I Stand In Awe of You’.

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