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Running After God

2014-06-12 07.39.11 amRunning After God
By Zach Lowrie
Worship Pastor, Christian Center Brussels

The book of Exodus, in chapter 33, speaks of Moses going to the tent of meeting to meet with the Lord. As he made that long walk to the tent, everyone would watch him intently. The Lord spoke with Moses, it says, face-to-face. I can only imagine what went through the minds of the people as they waited to hear what God said to him. Curiosity was a major aspect of knowing God.

My memory of worship growing up was one of curiosity. Every Sunday I wondered who would be carrying a banner, blowing a shofar, or shouting praises to the Lord. It was celebratory, it was loud, and it was LONG. My church had long services lasting a few hours.

On Sunday, as it would happen, there was always something to catch my attention. God seemed to use the good, the bad, and the ugly to motivate me towards knowing Him. God longs to capture the hearts of His people because it has been about a dwelling place but it has never been about a building.

God Is Uncontainable
There is an everlasting effort of man to contain the God of the universe in a mold constructed by human hands. God simply breaks this mold every time. King David longed to establish a place for God’s glory to dwell. He gave his life, as we read in Psalms, to see the manifested presence of God inhabit the praises of the people. David established a continual pursuit of the manifested presence of God specifically, in music.

In the progress of God’s interaction with us, His handiwork, we see Him move from outside the dwelling of the people in a tent, to a dwelling amongst the people (in the form of Jesus Christ) to a habitation within His people. The Holy Spirit was this promise fulfilled and now dwelling in those vessels willing to host Him.

God Is Home In The Hearts Of Men
The Spirit that now dwells and moves in our being is the same that revealed Himself to King David many times, ages ago. The Holy Spirit is more than ordinary; the Holy Spirit is a pledge of something real. People do not have to leave church the same way they came in. Music has long been a tool for the manifested presence of God to be revealed and by revelation finding a home in the hearts of man.

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