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Worship Team Workshop: Choosing Songs

2014-06-10 11.08.35 amWorkshop Wednesday is a new blog topic we’ll write about each Wednesday to encourage you as your work with your worship team. We’ll feature ideas for worship leading, service planning, team development and more. Watch for a new Worship Workshop Wednesday post every week!

Choosing Worship Songs
As worship leaders and team members, one of our most important roles is to choose songs for our worship services.

In choosing songs, we want songs that:
* Our congregation can relate to musically, lyrically and spiritually.
* Inspire worship, teach Biblical truths and encourage the congregation.
* Offer a balance of sound theology with varied musical styles that minister in a multi-generational and often multi-cultural setting.

That’s a lot to ask! Is it any wonder that song selection can at times, be challenging? Below are eight tips to help you when choosing songs. Although you may have additional criteria, follow these steps and you’ll be on the right track to choosing worship songs that accomplish your goals and bring glory to God.

Eight Steps for Choosing Worship Songs
1. Is the song theologically/doctrinally sound?
2. Does the subject of the song fill a need?
3. Does the song sing to God or about God?
4. Is it understandable?
5. Lyrically, is it ‘congregational’?
6. Is it singable and memorable?
7. Is the key and range ‘congregational-friendly’?
8. Does the tempo/feel help balance you’re the fast/medium/slow songs in your repertoire?

Workshop Wednesday Tip: It’s always important to discuss song choices with your pastor or designated leader so that everyone can be on board musically, lyrically and spiritually with the choices.

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